Since 2010 we perform several high-resolution photo flights over cities every year. The Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) varies between 5 to 10 cm depending on requirements and size of area.

Reference project: Salzburg 2015
In spring 2015 the city of Salzburg was flown with a GSD of 6 cm. An area of 65 km² was covered. Because the images will also be used for Dense Matching the project was planned & flown with a high forward- and side overlap (80% / 84%).

Reference project: Klagenfurt 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017
Already for the 5th time Terra Messflug performed a photo flight of the city of Klagenfurt, contracted through its parent company Vermessung AVT. In 2015 our new UltraCam Eagle f100 was used for the first time. One special feature of this aerial survey is that the side lap of the strips is not constant throughout the whole area. In the outskirts only a normal side lap of 30% was used while the downtown area of Klagenfurt was flown with a very high side lap of 80%.

Other flown cities: Graz, Vienna, Innsbruck, Hamburg, Milan, Trento


Mainly for Tourism promoting services we perform flights in winter with snow coverage. Because the days with full snow coverage in the valleys are limited the flight crew has to act immediately as soon as there is sunny, cloud free weather after snowfall.

Reference project: Vorarlberg 2015

Already in 2012 the entire province of Vorarlberg was flown in winter and now it was repeated in 2015. The photo flight covers an area of approx. 2.600 km² with a GSD of 20 cm. As the sun does not rise very high above the horizon in winter the possible flight hours per day are very limited. In 2015 it took 5 flight days to cover the area of Vorarlberg.

Other winter projects: Ski Amadé, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Ischgl, Allgäu Alpstein


A high-resolution aerial survey can also be very interesting for municipalities and energy supplying companies. From 5 cm images it is possible to extract for example roofs, sealed surfaces or even details such as manholes or throttle valves through stereoscopic evaluation.

Reference project: Bruneck 2012, 2014 & 2018
Bruneck was flown in the years 2012, 2014 and 2018. Each time, an orthophoto with a GSD of 5 cm was produced.

Other reference projects: Mödling, Wels, Radfeld, Buch, Telfs, Mötz


Every year large areas in Germany, Denmark, Belgium and many other countries are flown systematically for the government. One area is normally divided into lots with a size of 1.000-1.500 km² and most of the time covered with a GSD of 20 cm. Sometimes we even get contracted for areas up to 10.000 km². Depending on the required status of vegetation the flights will be flown in spring or in summer. Since a couple of years the demand for higher resolution is increasing.

Reference projects: German states (Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, Thuringia,…) Denmark, Belgium, Italy (Province of Venice)