Business Areas

Aerial Surveywith Cessna 303

Cessna 303

We operate a twin-engine Cessna 303, especially equipped and prepared for various systems.

Digital camera system UltraCam Eagle Mark 2 f100

Digitales Kamerasystem Ultracam Eagle 100

Airborne image acquisition with one of the most efficient aerial cameras on the market - the UltraCam Eagle 100.

Laser scanning flight and data processing


Different systems of our partners are in use and are employed in our airplane.
Our flight team is highly experienced in performing both aerial photography and laser scanning in domestic regions and abroad. This applies especially to projects in high mountain regions, where AVT can offer their outstanding expertise in laserscanning.

In R&D cooperations we have developed innovative methods for the improvement of geo-referencing for laserscanning data. In these engineering projects, aspects of photogrammetry and traditional aerial-triangulation have been explored.

Classification according to LAS 1.1 standard is a new challenge that we face with large area projects. Helicopter flights equipped with an inclined laser scanner are preformed to monitor steep mountain flanks, gravel pits and quarries.

By photogrammetric methods, vector data (breaking edges) can be extracted from the immense amount of laserscanning raster data, thus providing products for the customer that can be communicated easily and efficiently.




Within the field of photogrammetry and laser scanning, AVT can handle any project. AVT

  • orthophotos (3 – 30 cm ground resolution) are becoming more popular, the demand in this field is increasing
  • photogrammetric 3-D analyses for cartographic purposes, topographical data banks and infrastructure planning
  • utilities/property management and monitoring
  • digital terrain models