Our Team

DI Roman Markowski managing director of Terra Messflug GmbH

Roman Markowski

"In 1999 I completed my studies and graduated as a surveyor. In this function I have been a member of Vermessung AVT since then. Photogrammetry and all its potentials have always been an essential part of our work in the fields of surveying and cadastral data capture. Since 2005 I have taken over the general management of AVT. This position naturally implies my absolute commitment to ensuring a high quality standard of our products. For the customer, all available technological systems have to be put to use and combined efficiently. For this reason, I have accompanied Terra Messflug GmbH right from the start and accepted the post as their managing director. Again, quality and customer service come first! Each and every customer is treated as our "most important customer". It is only when the customer is satisfied that we can be satisfied, too."
E-mail: r.markowski@avt.at

Marko Schnelzer proprietor of Terra Flugbetrieb GmbH & Co. KG
and pilot for Terra Messflug GmbH

Marko Schnelzer

"Since 1989 I have executed approx. 8,000 flighthours for aerial photography and laser scanning. With our digital camera system I have flown approximately 1,400 flight hours in the last years. In this field it is especially important to have a close contact to the air-traffic control authorities at home and abroad. Apart from that it is absolutely vital to assess meteorological situations timely and correctly such as cloud development, views, foehn conditions etc. It is my experience in mountainous regions that assures me of our capability to efficiently and safely capture challenging areas including large-scale ski resorts, routes in narrow valleys and the like. Consequently, the large proportion of our jobs in alpine territory mirrors this expertise."
E-mail: m.schnelzer@terra-messflug.at

Mario Königstorferpilot

Mario Königstorfer

"I have several years of experience doing photo flights and have flown over 1,300 flight hours in photo missions. Since December 2011 I possess an ATPL License. When doing photo flights it is very important to have good meteorological knowledge and to properly judge the weather situation in the project areas. What I like the most about my work is that it brings lots of diversification and challenging situations."

Kjersti MoeAssistant for Innovation

Kjersti Moe

"My job within Terra Messflug is to broaden our horizon, geographically and also thematically. Where can we fly next and what sort of work and measurements could we undertake while in the air? Additionally to working on our future tasks, I also participate in the day-to-day work at Terra Messflug, mainly concerning data conversion and image processing."
E-mail: k.moe@terra-messflug.at

Erik BollmannAcquisition and Projectmanagement

Erik Bollmann

"After completing my studies in Geography, I spent 3 years working with airborne laserscanning and its application in monitoring alpine processes at the University of Innsbruck. In 2013 I started working for Terra Messflug in technical production. My current field of work is project management and sales. My goal is to provide our customers the best solution for each individual task."
E-mail: e.bollmann@terra-messflug.at

Daniela PoliRegionalmanagement für Italien, Tessin

Daniela Poli

"After several years in Research I have been looking for a new challenge. As a regional manager I deal with projects in Italy and Tessin (Switzerland). My task is to open up new markets and possibilities in Italy and to take care of our Italian customers. Additionally I take care of organizing flight permissions in Italy."
E-mail: d.poli@terra-messflug.at

Our AVT Partner Team

DI Raimund Gasser engineer, sales manager

Raimund Gasser

"It feels good to be able to secure jobs by getting in orders for the company. Within AVT I take care of sales for our complete range of services. The cooperation with Terra opens up new opportunities and markets for both companies and it guarantees that projects materialize - both on the ground and in the air. My personal motto is: this salesman is also doing his rounds!"
E-mail: r.gasser@avt.at
or: r.gasser@terra-messflug.at

DI Dr. Klaus Legat engineer, manager photogrammetry

Klaus Legat

"As head of the photogrammetry department at AVT I can say that we have successfully switched to a fully digital workflow in our department. As a result we can focus on quality control and accelerating the workflow. The positive feed-back from our customers and the good team-work show that we are on the right track."
E-mail: k.legat@avt.at
or: k.legat@terra-messflug.at

Edgar Moskopp flight administration

Edgar Moskopp

"My main tasks for Terra Messflug are managing flights, project progress and flight crew. Many of our customers know me as their point of contact. For the last 10 years I have been working in the field of aerial surveying and I still find new and interesting challenges in the job. The coordination of flight and projects and the personal contact with our customers and pilots makes my job ever-changing and a lot of fun."
E-mail: e.moskopp@avt.at
or: e.moskopp@terra-messflug.at

Verena Lenz Projectmanagement

Verena Lenz

"I am involved in several project phases for Terra Messflug - from preparing offers to delivering the final data to our customers. For the offers, I do the flight planning, so I make sure that all technical requirements will be met and that our flight crew will still be able to fly the project without any risk. Furthermore, I keep our flight crew updated about new projects and supply them with necessary documents. After the flights, I calculate the flight trajectories and undertake aerial triangulations. Finally I create all documentation which is required from our customers."
E-mail: v.lenz@avt.at
or: v.lenz@terra-messflug.at